Men can control their sex life

Men can control their sex life

Population control is one of the problems that is faced by different societies at different points of time. While some of the cultures promote more number of children there are countries like China and India that have got to pursue birth control. In these countries the governmental agencies carry out extensive and sustained campaign to educate couples regarding various methods of birth control and the need to restrict the number of children in the family.

Generally the methods of birth control are directed more towards women. Birth control pills and surgical methods etc are popularly advised by the health care professionals. One other effective method of birth control that is available to men happens to be Vasectomy. This is in fact a very simple and effective method for male sterilization.

Explained in simple terms Vasectomy involves sealing off or cutting off of the tube through which the semen that is secreted from the testes flows into the penis. With this procedure the semen is no longer able to reach the penis and get ejaculated thereby avoiding any chance of conception by the female. One naturally wonders as to what happens to the semen production. Well the semen continues to be produced in the testes but gets absorbed by the body.

Modern day medical science provides for no scalpel vasectomy that takes very little time and effort. The patient can go back home in a couple of hours and resume normal life.

Vasectomy is very helpful for men who do not wish to father children. There are many men in the world who like the idea of being married but are not prepared to father children. Such men can easily get sterilized with medical assistance. Those who are not aware of vasectomy are likely to be apprehensive about the procedure and its effect on their health. There is also a misconception with most men that vascectomy causes loss of libido. This is not true at all. Men continue to have the same sexual drive as normal and enjoy a physical relationship.

As in the case of any medical procedure there can be few side effects that are faced by minority of men who undergo vasectomy. The normal occurrences post vasectomy can be Haemetoma and Sperm granuloma. In the case of Haemetoma, the blood vessels that are broken during vasectomy may result in clotting and the scrotum can swell needing surgical intervention. In the case of Sperm the sperms released can get accumulated around the testes and cause swelling as well as pain causing infections if left untreated over a period of time. However these side effects can be managed with effective and timely medical intervention.

There is also a mis conception amongst men that vasectomy can result in cancer. This is not a medical proven fact and till date there is no evidence to show that vasectomy can cause such occurrences. In societies where gender bias exists, there is an urgent need to popularize vasectomy and educate men about the control they can have on their sex life and assume responsibility.