Role of Cholesterol in Poor Health

Role of Cholesterol in Poor Health

The human body has got Cholesterol divided into two main different categories. There is what is call good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. The good cholesterol is needed in large amounts by the body to keep the body and healthy and fit. Bad cholesterol is needed in the body in low quantities but still necessary. The good cholesterol is what is known as high-density lipoproteins where as bad cholesterol is the low-density lipoproteins. These two are often antagonists and rise in one of the results in a decrease of another. However, lifestyle and diet play a vital role in determining the amounts of these two types of cholesterol in the body.

There are different medical tests that are done in medical facilities to ascertain the level of these different types of cholesterol in the body. The mostly done test is what is known as the lipid profile test. Lipid profile consists of several tests thatare mostly requested in the hospital for patients with conditions of hypertension, overweight, pulmonary complications and sometimes infertility. The lipid profile test consists the values of;

  • High-density lipids.
  • Low-density lipids.
  • Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides and the
  • Risk ratio.

Risk ratio is usually a calculation that is done to establish your risk of developing cardiac problems based on the findings of the panel of tests. The doctor will discuss with you the implication of all the values in the panel and guide you through the appropriate decision making. Good results will indicate all the values within the normal reference ranges without the extreme bias of the results on either the lower side or the upper side.

High cholesterol levels can have detrimental implications on your health that include the risk of medical conditions that can lead to death. Some of the conditions include;


This is through alteration of the hormonal function of the reproductive system. The cholesterol affects the reproductive system by limiting production of reproduction cells which is coordinated by a hormonal system. Manufacture of most hormones in the body depends on the availability of cholesterol to the body. The alteration of the process comes with other effects such as cancers of the reproductive system making conception completely hard.


Cholesterol deposits in the arteries one the major blood vessels reduces the lumen of the vessels reducing the speed of blood flow in the system. This causes the need for the heart to increase the pressure necessary to pump the blood through these narrow blood vessels. As a result, the pressure increases to above that which is required for the functioning of the heart. The effects on the extreme include cardiomegaly, a condition in which the heart increases in size beyond the normal size.

Other effects include those that arise as a result of the above conditions. These include poor body physiological function, difficulty in breathing, low self-esteem and stress. All these are effects that can be controlled with a healthy lifestyle that achieves a healthy and fit body free from the unnecessary illness.