Blame It On The Hormones

Blame It On The Hormones

Youth is perhaps the best period of one’s life where the world looks rosy and romance is always in the air. The same is true for the girls as well as the boys. With onset of puberty they begin to notice the changes within themselves and become self conscious. The onset of sexual drive due to the production of hormones is what causes the self consciousness to manifest in the youth. Then there is always the chemistry of being attracted to the opposite sex. Every bit of one’s time is taken up by trying to look one’s best and attract the attention of girls. Boys suddenly begin to take interest in what they are wearing and how they are looking. Even those who hated bathing and were quite un kept are likely to start changing their ways in order to look good in the eyes of the girls.

This is the beginning of the journey of life as an adult. Relationships are made and many are broken over the next few years. Some take each relationship seriously while many may just find it interesting enough to flirt and not be serious. However it is quite common to expect one to suffer from broken heart for a while and spend weeks nursing the self. One’s world tends to begin with self and friends. The new found freedom and individuality tempts many a boys to cross the threshold and engage in destructive activities as well. There is always a fear that the youth might get attracted to drinking, smoking, drugs and land in problems. Late night brawls, street fights, drunken driving and accidents are all attributed to the young and hot blood.

It is true that the male hormone testosterone is responsible for the aggression and the sexual drive in the youth. With the onset of testosterone production, the individual begins to grow male features and a strong body. The hormone also promotes a sense of wellbeing as well as confidence in the youth which often gets translated into pride and arrogance leading to unwanted aggression.

Most often parents do not have any control over the youth and dread this period until such time that the child passes through the youth and gains maturity around the age of 25 years or so. It is not only the girls that the parents get worried about but the boys too make the parents sit up and wait all night and prey.

This is definitely a very sensitive and delicate period in the life of the youth. Parental control and authority is the first thing that the youth tries to revolt against. The relationship between the parents and the child too is likely to be the most sensitive and needs to be handled delicately, calling for utmost patience and perseverance from the parents. Only those relationships where there exists a sense of true bonding and friendship between parents and the child can work and the parents may be able to influence the youth’s thinking. The atmosphere prevalent at home too determines the quality of the relationship of the youth with the family and in turn his behavior. In homes where the children are allowed the freedom to speak truth and share every thought without being reprimanded or judged, you will find the youth treading a safe path and being anchored emotionally with the parents. Home where the parent’s relationship is strained or the atmosphere is not conducive, the youth tend to get more aggressive and try out new experiences in life as well as face more problems in doing so.

Without realizing that the home and the relationships are largely responsible for the youth’s behavior and thinking, we blame it on the hormones.