People having impotence widely prefer Viagra. Even though you can come across several impotence drugs in the drug stores, Viagra is the most widely used pill as it is very effective and also safe. One pill of Viagra is going to change your sex life.

Drug Uses

How does Viagra help in restoring impotence? Impotence is mainly related to blood flow. If there is an increased flow of blood in the penis region, then the penis will become hard. Viagra pills dilate the blood vessels that carry blood to the penis. Once the vessels get enough space, more blood flow through it.

How Taken

Viagra should only be taken once a day. An overdose is really risky as it can lead to many health complications. You have to take viagra about 60 minutes ahead of any sexual activity. Once you have taken this impotence pill, you can have immense sexual pleasure for many hours.

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More Information

There is a tendency among people with impotence to buy Viagra direct from the medical stores without consulting the doctor. This is not advised as the doctor can only fix on the dosage. So contact the doctor if you have any impotence issues. When talking to him, you have to discuss with him all your health conditions, both past and present. Once discussing with your doctor, tell him if you have had heart attack, angina, stomach ulcers. You should also tell the doctor if you have high or low blood pressure, blood issues, painful erections, prolonged erections and Peyronie's disease. If you have any of these conditions, the doctor will go for a dosage adjustment or he may even not prescribe it.

Elderly people should have to be very careful when taking Viagra as they are more prone to its side effects.


Viagra pills should not be taken if you are using any medicine that contains nitrates. If viagra drug is taken along with such drugs, some risk is involved as there is a possibility that the pressure may go up to unseen levels, which is really dangerous.

It has been said that Viagra pills have caused sudden vision loss in some persons. But it has not yet been proved if this sudden vision loss was due to the drug viagra. Persons who already had vision problems and who had high pressure and diabetics had experienced this vision problem.

Side Effects

Many allergic reactions come withy Viagra. Some of the allergic reactions include hives, swelling and breathing problems. In case of side effects, there is nothing to worry as they are not that severe as seen with other erectile dysfunction pills.

Stomach upset, headache, blurred vision, illness and flushing are some of the side effects that are normally seen with Viagra pills.

Another thing that has to be kept in mind while taking Viagra is to watch out for prolonged erections that last for longer hours. This is not good for the penis as longer erections are known to damage the penis. If you experience such a condition, take an appointment of the doctor without delaying.

Information about Impotence

Useful Information About Impotence

The life style of people has changed a lot. In past, people eat healthy food and they have healthy activities to do. But nowadays, people like to sit on a place and love eating junk food. In shirt, their every act is responsible for their bad health. Moreover, they also work more than usual and thus become the victim of many health problems. People should now think about their own health because they can only live if they have a good health. The numbers of people are increasing very rapidly who are becoming the victims of health problems. The reason behind this increment is the increase in numbers of causes responsible for these health problems. We come to know that hundreds of people become the victim of a certain health problem from our colonies every day and many of them reach to the severe stage. In short, it has become very difficult to lead a healthy and happy life. Here I am going to tell you about some simple ways which can guarantee you a healthy life. Some of them are following:

  • Start doing morning exercise
  • Join the gym and work out there
  • Prefer to work and cycling to go somewhere rather than using vehicle
  • Diet is very important for a good health so ask your doctor which food you should eat

These all things can help you if you want to start a healthy life style. Include those things which are not included in your schedule and I assure you that you will find the better life in near future.

Let us discuss about the men’s sexual problems which have become very common in people. Erectile dysfunction is one of those health problems and its most victims reside in America and European countries. The reason behind this is depression, diabetes and unhealthy food. Since these causes are very common in these countries that is why most of the people become the victim of erectile dysfunction. What actually happens with a person who is suffering from erectile dysfunction? Well, the victim of ED does not find enough erection of his penis which is necessary for sexual intercourse. An erected penis can only be used for sexual intercourse and the sexual desire of a woman cannot be fulfilled without the help of erected penis.

The erection of penis depends upon the blood flow through arteries and it is dependent on sexual excitement. When a normal person is sexually stimulated, a special enzyme present in body becomes active and increases the blood flow. When the high blood flow passes through the flaccid penis, it becomes hard and erect. But this cannot happen in a victimized person. Such a person needs treatment by a professional doctor with some medicines. Most of the doctors will recommend you the use of one of these medicines e.g. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. These medicines can give you erection for long time without causing any problems. But you should be aware of the use of right dose of these medicines otherwise take help from a professional doctor.

The Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra Pills

The world is making progress by leaps and bounds. Everything is becoming more easy to use and reliable. But sometimes these newly innovated things become the cause of many health issues. For example, a vehicle can help us in moving from one place to another in a short time but the pollution cause by this vehicle is also very dangerous for health. In short, everything has some positive and some negative aspects. Before using that thing, user should have the complete knowledge about its positive as well as negative aspects.

Same is the case with Viagra that is used for impotence or erectile dysfunction treatment. Many people only consider its positive aspects i.e. it has the ability to show its positive results within half an hour. When we see its negative aspects, then we come to know about restrictions of using Viagra in certain circumstances. Besides this, Viagra's side effects also play their part. There are certain circumstances when you should avoid using Viagra. First, when you are having chest pain and taking nitrates for its treatment. Nitrates have such chemical composition that can nullify the effect of Viagra inside the body. Due to this, Viagra remains unable to provide erection to the affected person. That is why doctors always say to their patent to avoid nitrates with Viagra, if patients want to prevent further health issues.

Different side effects have been reported by the users. Only a few side effects have been proved the part of Viagra while other reported side effects are not confirmed. Chances of having health issues due to Viagra's side effects are very rare. Only a few people get any of the Viagra's side effects which they can treat easily by taking immediate medical help. A few side effects of Sildenafil citrate or of Viagra are less sensitivity of light, blurred vision, facial flushing, bluish vision, headache and upset stomach. These side effects are not very severe that is why Viagra is the best choice of doctors.

Viagra is not only used for erectile dysfunction treatment but also for altitude sickness and pulmonary hypertension. For the treatment of these health problems, Viagra is sometimes used along with other medicine. Such medicines do not contain nitrates or those chemicals which can decrease the activity of Viagra. If anyone of you wants to get more knowledge about the use of Viagra, then he can read reviews on Viagra from different medical related website.

Viagra and Erectile Dysfunction

Problems are the part of our life. They were present in the past and still they are. The thing is that how can we solve them. If these problems are related to our financial matters then we can solve them with dedication but those problems which are related our health can be very harmful for our health. Doctors help us in treating these health problems. They give us right medicine for the respective medical problem. Sexual problems are also a part of health problems so there treatment is necessary as that of any health problem. You may know many names of sexual diseases and problems but this article is all about the erectile dysfunction and its treatment...

Berg Tish

My ex-girlfriend used to complain me about my weaknesses in sexual intercourse. I thought I am good in sex but she was not satisfied and one day she left me. I figured it out and started using Viagra. I am again in a new relationship and she is more than happy with me.

Lawton Mathew

I broke up with my girlfriend because I was unable to have satisfactory sex with her. She used to complain about erection for shorter time and I was unable to make it longer. Then my friend told me about Viagra which has the ability to increase erection time. The reason behind my satisfaction is now Viagra.

Carey Richard

It seems very difficult when you come to know about your erectile dysfunction problem but it can be tackled easily. It happened to me and I started using Sildenafil Citrate tablets. Sildenafil Citrate showed its best results when I was having sex. I had immense pleasure during sexual intercourse.