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Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra and Erectile Dysfunction

Problems are the part of our life. They were present in the past and still they are. The thing is that how can we solve them. If these problems are related to our financial matters then we can solve them with dedication but those problems which are related our health can be very harmful for our health. Doctors help us in treating these health problems. They give us right medicine for the respective medical problem. Sexual problems are also a part of health problems so there treatment is necessary as that of any health problem. You may know many names of sexual diseases and problems but this article is all about the erectile dysfunction and its treatment.

Basically erectile dysfunction, also known as man impotence, makes the man unable to get erection. An erect and hard penis is the need of a sexual activity and without it you cannot satisfy your life partner. There are different causes of erectile dysfunction i.e. depression, high cholesterol level, heart problem, spinal cord injury, diabetes and high blood pressure. Let us talk about the high cholesterol. The increase in cholesterol level creates the blockage in arteries that restrict the blood flow. The decrease in blood flow gives rise to erectile dysfunction. Talking about the normal person then you will come to know that in sexual excited condition the flow of blood becomes high that give him erection while in an infected person the flow of blood does not increase and penis does not become hard and stiff. So if we may increase the flow of blood then we can treat this problem easily. In the past, it was quite difficult to think about its solution but now its solution is available. The first name that comes in our mind when we talk about the treatment of erectile dysfunction is Viagra. Yes...Viagra. Viagra has got much popularity as a best medicine for the erectile dysfunction or man impotence. Cialis and levitra are also used by the people for its treatment but Viagra is more reliable as compare to them.

Talking about the side effects of Viagra is also a part of our discussion. There are two types of side effects in the use of Viagra. One is common side effects and the other one are uncommon side effects. But the treatment of all side effects is very necessary. In common side effects of Viagra, a man may get upset stomach, dizziness, Facial flushing etc. In uncommon side effects, a man may get blurred vision, heart attack and in some cases loss of vision. The chances of occurrence of common side effects are 10 to 30 percent and for uncommon side effects it is 3-9 present. Every user of Viagra does not get any of the mentioned side effects. These side effects mostly remain active till this course does not complete. After this duration these side effects go away. If any side effect remains for long time then you should tell your doctor about this side effect.